Brain fog can be an incredibly difficult problem to navigate. It can leave you will feelings of mental fatigue, memory problems, difficulty concentrating, or even trouble finding words. This article reviews the best treatment for brain fog and resources for additional help.

brain fog, food sensitivitybrain fog, food sensitivity
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What is brain fog?

When we talk about brain fog, we are specifically referring to a collection of symptoms, rather than a medical diagnosis. Brain fog

If you are looking for more ways to naturally reverse brain fog, check out the article “6 Fixable Causes for your Brain Fog”

Best Brain Fog Supplements

There are times that your body needs an extra “boost” to be able to effectively treat brain fog. Using supplements as treatment for brain fog can provide dramatic and rapid improvement as quickly as just a few days.

#1 B Complex Vitamins

B vitamins help the brain with nerve connections, nerve protection, and overall processing of information in the brain. You can think of the brain as the “electrical” center of the body. Impulses need to travel in a way that is similar to an electrical current.

B vitamins provide essential nutrients to “protect” those nerves and allow the signals to get where they need to go (aka remembering where you put your keys)

By incorporating just a single daily B-complex vitamin, you can start to reverse brain fog and improve overall memory and alertness.

#2 Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for managing inflammation in the body. Inflammation affects the brain by

This treatment for brain fog works because once the inflammation is controlled, the body is protected against further injury and harm. This allows the brain to heal, regenerate, and operate more efficiently.

The only trick is to make sure you combine vitamin D with vitamin K to be able to absorb it. I usually recommend 5,000-10,000units of Vitamin D daily and you can have your vitamin D levels checked by your medical provider.

food sensitivity, brain fogfood sensitivity, brain fog
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#3 Omegas

Omegas support brain health by increasing blood flow, building nerve cells, and slowing mental decline. This can be found in foods like fish, nuts, and plant oils (like soybean oil).

Supplementing with daily Omega fatty acids is a great way to treat brain fog and support overall brain health.

#4 L-theanine

L-theanine is used in the treatment for brain fog because it improves memory, helps increase the brain’s ability to learn (neuroplasticity), and forms new neural pathways.

L-theanine is also essential in the production of the “feel good” hormones: GABA, serotonin, and dopamine. These hormones help the brain to regulate emotion, mood, concentration, alertness, sleep, appetite, energy, and other cognitive skills.

Simply taking L-Theanine 200-400mg daily will improve brain fog.

#5 Ubiquinol (CoQ10)

Ubiquinol increases the health of blood vessels within the brain (and all over the body in general). Damaged blood vessels often happen from inflammation within the body and have been linked as a major contribution to dementia.

Taking ubiquinol daily is a great rapid treatment for brain fog. It provides a “boost” of healing to blood vessels, and can help deliver essential nutrients and vitamins that the brain needs to be able to function well.

These are just a few of the supplements that are used in the treatment of brain fog. Of course overall lifestyle factors contribute to the health of your brain and can make a big difference. For more information about how to naturally treat brain fog, check out the article “6 Fixable Causes for your Brain Fog”

Prescription-Grade Brain Fog Supplements

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food sensitivity, brain fogfood sensitivity, brain fog