If you are trying to develop good sleeping habits but still toss and turn while falling asleep, or wake up in the middle of the night and feel like a zombie the next morning, then this article is for your because I will be talking about 5 things you can do before bed to get a more restful night’s sleep! 

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What causes problems with sleep?

Let’s get into sleep tips! Sleep tends to become this elusive thing over the age of 35.  You’re tired but you can’t seem to fall asleep, stay asleep, or feel rested in the morning.  

The main reasons for this include:

5 ways to improve sleep

Step 1: Stick to a sleep schedule

It confuses your body when it has to adjust to a different schedule every day. Even if you have irregular work hours, usually you can develop a sleep schedule that is consistent and will allow you to get restful sleep.

The best way to do this is to look at your schedule and your preferences, and then decide on a 1-hour window to start sleep, and a 1 hour window to wake up each day. Then set alarms and stick to this schedule as consistently as you can, even on weekends!

If you aren’t sure what your sleep patterns are, simply track them for 1 week. You might be surprised at what you discover!

Here are more sleep tips from a sleep expert if you want additional information

Step 2: Optimize your bedroom environment

With our everyday stressful, busy lives, it can be difficult to take a break and relax. To help relax your mind, set up a bedroom environment to improve sleep.

This can include things like room-darkening curtains, cool temperature, a white-noise machine to block out additional sounds in the house, and clearing all distractions (such as clutter and the TV).

You want your bedroom to feel calm and relaxing, so that your mind can unwind and your body can regenerate.

Step 3: Watch caffeine and alcohol intake

Did you know that it takes 10 hours to metabolize just HALF of the caffeine you drink? That means that if you have a cup of coffee at 2pm, only HALF of it is out of your system by midnight.

And did you know that alcohol can cause you to wake up around 2 or 3am? This is because the body views alcohol as a toxin and tries to get rid of it as quickly as possible. But when it is fully metabolized, it causes changes in blood sugar and hormones that causes you to “wake up” and feel alert. This is a huge disruption to your sleep.

Therefore, the best way to handle these issues is to notice your own patterns and habits. Just a few simple changes to the way you use caffeine and alcohol can improve sleep.

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Step 4: Perform relaxation techniques

Often sleep is disrupted because the mind is racing at the end of the day. Therefore, an easy way to improve sleep is to develop a bedtime routine that involves relaxation.

Simple ways to do this include listening to music, journalling or coloring, meditating, or even doing simple stretching exercises. I like to grab a cup of herbal tea, change into comfy pajamas, and grab my notebook to “braindump” all of the things that are circling in my brain!

Step 5: Do things that increase “sleep” hormones

Melatonin is considered a great “sleep” hormone because it is the chemical that signals to your brain that it is time to unwind and regenerate. So anything that you can do to increase sleep hormones will improve sleep.

And easy way to do this is to get outside. As little as 10 minutes out in the sun each day can increase melatonin and improve sleep.

Another way is to incorporate daily exercise. Something as simple as a brisk walk or your favorite yoga video will improve sleep and allow you to wake up feeling rested.

improve sleepimprove sleep
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