Weight loss journal pages can be an incredibly useful tool when you are trying to get back on track with health goals. In this article, we will review why weight loss journal pages increase your chances of success and how to use them effectively.

How Weight loss Journal pages Improve Success

There is a different part of your brain that gets “unlocked” when you journal. You can release your inner thoughts, fears, and struggles. It is a “safe” place without judgement, which is why so many people find it therapeutic. But did you know that journalling also helps you achieve your goals?

Journalling Relieves Stress

It can feel overwhelming to try to fit something extra into your schedule, especially if you are already busy and stressed. But if you take just a few minutes each evening to journal, research shows that you actually decrease your stress level AND calm your brain before bed. Which means, you can get a more restful sleep. Use this time to write about your day, make a to-do-list, or dump frustrations.

And when you are less stressed and sleeping soundly, you feel like you can tackle anything.

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Journalling Identifies Obstacles

When you journal for weight loss, you write down all of the things your are afraid of. This may be things like, “I can’t go out to dinner with my friends” or “I can’t go to holiday parties because of all of the desserts.” And these are very real fears!

Journalling allows you to get your fears out onto paper and then TACKLE them. What are the real reasons why you want to lose weight? What is your weight preventing you from accomplishing? How is it affecting your life, relationships, confidence?

And what are the things that are standing in your way? It’s this honesty that starts to allow change.

Journalling Keeps you accountable

When you use weight loss journal pages daily, you are developing a routine of accountability. You can record things like food, mood, feelings, stress, struggles, and even non-scale victories.

By knowing that you will be recording behaviors each day, you stay accountable to yourself.

Journalling Charts Progress

It’s fun to see how far you’ve come when you use weight loss journal pages to record results! Use charts, color in weight loss blocks, watch your measurements decrease, and track your habits like sleep or water.

weight loss journal pagesweight loss journal pages
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Journalling Promotes Growth

When you are constantly analyzing your actions, you force yourself to make choices that promote growth. You gain insight into your true feelings and desires. You realize what motivates you. And you build self-efficacy and believe that “I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS” when you see yourself working hard and achieving goals.

How to use weight loss journal pages

Step 1: PLAN and SET GOALS

Use weight loss journal pages to set goals and make a plan for the week. This can mean using templates to organize your weekly schedule and plan health goals, like exercise. You can use other templates to plan your weekly meals, plan what you will eat during the day, and complete the grocery list.

Step 2: TRACK

After you have your goals created and your plan organized, you can use weight loss journal pages to track your progress. This may be a simple as a checklist, or more advanced like logging your food and symptoms.

You can use templates to record progress, such as weight or body measurements. Or even choose your own habits to track and color in a box or a design for each day that you do that habit.


And finally, weight loss journal pages help you take a look at your actions. What went well? What can be improved upon? What lessons did I learn or insight did I discover which will help me next week?

Health and Wellness journeys are exactly that– JOURNEYS! You will have good days. You will have bad days. You will fail. And you will learn how to do better next time. Using weight loss journal pages will help you to keep track of your own journey and increase your chances of achieving your goals.

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