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Something happens when you hit 35 and it seems like symptoms start out of nowhere.  You can’t remember where you put your keys.  You are exhausted by 3pm yet can’t fall asleep or stay asleep at night.  You seem to gain weight just by looking at a brownie.

BUT THIS IT NOT YOUR FAULT! Find out why this happens and what to do to REVERSE these symptoms by clicking the link below.

You don’t need to do this alone

I help women over the age of 35 manage stress, lose weight, increase energy, think more clearly, balance hormones, and get quality sleep even with a busy schedule and stressful life. And together we get results that LAST.

weight loss for women

One hour Breakthrough Session

Discover the root cause of your main symptoms and
uncover which patterns are sabotaging your goals. Plus, how they can easily be reversed. We’ll outline a personalized action plan to take charge of your symptoms without counting calories, spending thousands of dollars on supplements or food plans, and without having to work out at the gym for hours each day

weight loss for women

Monthly coaching services

If you want a medical provider to help you troubleshoot and keep you accountable, then let’s talk. Together we will figure out the best strategies to help you achieve your goals. And when you hit an obstacle, we navigate the problem together. I’m there every step of the way. I may even prescribe medications to give you a boost.

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About Me

Hey friend, I’m Sarah

It’s nice to meet you! I have been exactly where you are now: I have a busy job in medicine and a family to take care of. And since I am a chronic “people pleaser,” I put everyone else first! But when I hit 35, I found myself exhausted, stressed, and unhealthy. I was heavier than I had ever been before. I was embarrassed of the way I looked in photos, frustrated that I didn’t fit into any of my “cute” clothes, and avoided social settings because I had lost my confidence. And it seemed to happen overnight! I remember thinking, “how did I get here and how do I get my old self back?”

It wasn’t until I dove deeply into women’s health, and discovered the power of simple lifestyle changes, that I was able to make progress. And I am so glad that I did! I was able to lose weight and wake up feeling refreshed. I manage stress and sleep soundly at night. And I finally feel that I can control my choices and my calendar. I love having my confidence back. And I want to help you get there too!

Just for you

The Metabolic Reset Starter Guide for Women over 35

Begin to heal your body with this 3-day jumpstart, specifically designed to reverse your symptoms

✨  Increase Energy

✨  Fall asleep and STAY asleep

✨ Wake up feeling refreshed each morning

✨ Balance hormones and prevent mood swings

✨ Manage stress 

✨ Boost Metabolism and burn fat


"The lightest I've been in 15 years and I feel amazing"

When I started working with Sarah, I hadn’t used my Peloton in over a year and was frustrated with my weight.  I had huge mental blocks towards exercise and a warped sense of nutrition.  But after just 3 months, I am the lightest that I have been in 15 years and am exercising 3 times per week and feel AMAZING!

~Melanie, 46yo Mom of 3, Nurse