An easy way to jumpstart metabolism is by eating within the first hour of waking up! Choosing foods that are high in protein can correct leptin resistance and restore insulin sensitivity. Which means that your body will burn energy instead of storing it as belly fat! But mornings can be tough, especially if you are racing out the door.  So here are 3 of my favorite on-the-go breakfast recipes! These recipes are a quick and easy way to jumpstart your day AND your metabolism.

On-the-go Breakfast recipe #1: Fiery Oatmeal Overnight Oats

on-the-go breakfast recipe 1

Packing a punch with 34grams of protein, this is an easy grab-and-go option! I like to take mason jars and line them up on the counter, prepare my overnight oats for the week, and then add different toppings depending on my mood! You can even half this recipe and use mini-mason jars.  Eat one for breakfast on-the-go and another one mid morning to control cravings throughout a busy day. And it only takes 5 minutes to prepare, making this number one on my list of favorites.

You can top with unsweetened coconut flakes, berries, sugar-free chocolate chips, or even a few slices of banana. YUMMO! Here is the recipe and nutritional breakdown.  I have also included a scanning code that you can use with MyFitnessPal if you are tracking your daily intake or macros.

On-the-go Breakfast recipe #2: Bacon, Mushroom, and Spinach Casserole

on-the-go breakfast recipe 2

Casseroles are so easy to prep ahead of time for on-the-go breakfasts! This bacon, mushroom, and spinach casserole is perfect for those days that you want something hot and savory.  This recipe provides 4 servings, each with 20 grams of protein. It is a perfect way to jumpstart metabolism and keep your blood sugar steady as you start your day.

This recipe involves a little bit more prep time, so I like to make this on a Sunday afternoon and portion out each serving in a small glass container.  That way I can take it out of the fridge, heat it up quickly, and take it to go!

On-the-go Breakfast recipe #3: Cottage cheese, Avocado, and sun-dried Tomato Breakfast Wrap

on-the-go breakfast recipe 3

Wraps are another great way to take breakfast on-the-go because they are easy to make ahead of time and can be filled with different ingredients for added variety! I love these cottage cheese, avocado, and sundried tomato wraps because they only take a few minutes to make and keep well in the refrigerator.

When you try these recipes out, let me know what you think!

And if you are interested in more on-the-go breakfast recipes, check out the Breakfast Recipe Collection in my store! The Breakfast Recipe Collection contains 46 amazing breakfast recipes, all with beautiful photos and full nutritional information.  Each recipe has a scanning code for MyFitness Pal as well!