Self Care Habits


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Get “Self Care Habits for Success” to discover the EXACT strategies that ANYONE can use to make a change or start something new!

No matter what your goals are, this workbook walks you through the process to achieve success, one small change at a time!  But this method is so much more than just “writing your goals” on a piece of paper.



In this book you will:

★Discover the 5 Dimensions of Self Care and how they are critical to your happiness by using coaching exercises to discover your highest needs and motivators. Then learn how to leverage those desires to make goals that you want to achieve! (page 3)

★Learn How to Set yourself up for Success and design habits that LAST!  Discover how to create goals that build over time using SMART goal setting strategies, breaking your steps to success into simple changes! (page 6)

★Discover if you are truly Ready to Change Your habits (And what to do to if your aren’t) (page 10)

★Create a Vision of what your Ideal Life will Look like and learn how to get there based on your needs  and desires (page 13)

★Create highly effective habits by using goal setting and self care techniques. (You will even learn how to adjust goals to ensure your success)

★Uncover the Secret Formula to Create Goals that Last and keep you “winning” every single week (page 19)

★Plan your next 21-Days to Accelerate your Habits and SLAY your goals (page 28)

★Learn how to Evaluate your accomplishments and TAKE CHARGE of your schedule so that you can create changes that last for GOOD (page 32)

★JUMPSTART you next three months with the FREE 12-Week Template to be able to track your progress and wins! (page 35)

…and so much more!

These strategies can help you lose weight, change your career, start a new business, work your way up the corporate ladder, stop smoking, take more time for yourself, get healthier, and even develop a better work-life balance…you are completely capable of making any change in your life. You just need to be shown the  steps to make it happen!

Stop living day-by-day, wishing your life was different.  This workbook teaches you how to make changes that work for YOU, no matter how busy you are.  These proven success strategies have helped thousands of men and women in their success journey, and can help you too!

Slay Your Goals and Create your Dream Life Today~

Grab your copy of “Self Care Habits for Success” now!

“I struggled to lose weight my entire adult life, but by breaking my dream into weekly goals, I lost 42lbs.  I now have healthy habits in place and am never going back to my old way of life” ~Melissa M, mother of  2

“I hated my job, but was afraid to start my own business. But by managing my time better, controlling my schedule, and taking a chance, I was able to go part time in just 6 months.  I made a plan to be my own boss by the end of this year and am getting closer every day.”  ~Steven L., Line worker and Business owner

About The Author

Sarah A. Gibson, MPAS, HWC is a Masters Degree Medical Professional with  18 years of experience.  She is a certified Lifestyle medicine provider as well as a certified Health and Wellness Coach. Combining the experience of traditional medical care with the powerful tools of coaching, she achieves unparalleled results for her clients. You can find more information at


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